We’re thrilled to finally announce the official tokenomics for $FUJ — the native token for FUJN.

Token Metrics

Token Symbol: $FUJ

Total Max Supply: 250M

Initial Circulating Supply: 38.25M $FUJ

Initial Market Cap: ~$1.14M USD

$FUJ — FUJN native token

FUJN is a decentralized Marketplace platform that enables its users to exchange anything, without any borders or limits. The FUJN point of view is to fix the problems of the traditional Marketplace by putting the power and responsibility in the hands of the currency holder.FUJN promise safety to early stage investors and make the crypto space accessible to everyone in the world




The world's Next Generation Of Decentralized Marketplace,丨A Marketplace project 10 years in the making.丨#Fujn #FUJ