Fujn’S new advisers — Another Step Forward

Our industrious undertaking has reached a new stage which will unfold in two episodes. The first one, although brief and comprehensive will include a presentation of new additions, in this case advisers to our team. The second episode, will try to shed light on why we consider them to be particularly suitable for our endeavour.

This introduction is meant to serve as a way of outlining expectations and at the same time to express gratitude towards these professionals who have accepted to face future challenges in partnership with us.

Without further ado, here are some of Fujn’s new advisors: Alex Iskold, Patrick Storchenegger and Andrei Pitis.

Alex Iskold — Is a seasoned tech investor and entrepreneur. He is the managing director of NYC Techstars, the worldwide network of accelerators located in major cities like Boston, Seattle, NYC, L.A., Tel Aviv, Berlin, London, Paris, Dubai, Bangalore, etc. Techstars has funded 1200+ startups which have raised more than $4.5 billion until now. Alex is an investor in more than 90 startups, helping build a global network of entrepreneurs around the world.

Alex is also the founder of GetGlue, a social TV network which was acquired by i.tv in 2013. One of his startups in NYC was backed by Union Square Ventures, RRE Ventures, TimeWarner Investments, and Rho Ventures. He started a company called Information Laboratory, which was acquired by IBM in 2003; built a grid computing technology at DataSynapse, which was acquired by TIBCO in 2009; invented a software analysis and visualization tool called Small Worlds; contributed to development of innovative visualization technology called Thinkmap; and engineered financial applications for D.E.Shaw & Co. and Goldman Sachs.

In addition to being serial entrepreneur, Alex also contributed hundreds of articles to ReadWriteWeb, and taught an award-winning undergraduate software engineering class at New York University. An engineer by training, Alex has deep passion and appreciation for startups, digital products and elegant code.

Patrick Storchenegger — is an attorney at law and notary public in Canton Zug, the so-called “Crypto-Valley”, in Switzerland. He is a member of the Ethereum Foundation, and has helped the project by guiding it through its inception phase. He has many years of experience in international tax law, corporate law, commercial law, and capital market law. He is a member of the self-regulatory organisation for anti-money-laundering purposes. He advises several international organizations, including those engaged in trading, re-insurance, transportation and blockchain technology. Currently he is the owner and manager of PST legal & consulting from Zug

Andrei Pitis — is VP of Engineering at Fitbit and also Head of Bucharest Office at Fitbit, Fitbit’s biggest R&D centre outside the US. After co-founding Vector Watch in late 2013, with a plan to compete with tech giants of the likes of Apple and Samsung in the growing smartwatch market, Andrei Pitis and his two co-founders sold the business in 2016 to American wearables maker FitBit. Before that, he was an active Angel Investor in several startups and held several tech leadership positions, like Senior Director at Ixia (NASDAQ: XXIA), co-founder at Tech Angels and Innovation Labs. From 1995 to 2015 he was an Associate Professor at Politehnica University of Bucharest.

For this first announcement we have chosen seasoned entrepreneurs with strong technical background and experienced legal professionals to help us lay the foundation of our project, ensuring progress is made in the right direction. Future announcements we will focus on adding similarly experienced people with closer focus on blockchain technology.

Important note: We’ll soon start headhunting for smart, ambitious and self-motivated people who would like to join us in our quest. The people we are looking for should be able to display evidence of exceptional ability in mathematics, computer science, high level programming, artificial intelligence, blockchain architectures, game theory and crypto economics. If you think you fit some of the above criteria, do write us a note at contact@fujn.com— we’re eager to hear from you.

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